Surely I am...alone.
Like an athlete planting his hands on the starting line of a race.
Like a wire dancer standing to a highly taut rope.

Three –legged, dark stained box is being shot into the spotlights.
Like a golden necklace sunken to a nadir of a pond, wires of thin iron steel reeled
in a coil shape are being reflected softly on the reverse of the lid of the box.

Audience seats are moving off into the darkness.
The lines of sharp and tense lights from the wings to me sitting on the stool are dazzling.

Surely I am ..., alone.
Like the moment when I woke up suddenly in the darkness.
Like the moment when I first came into the world.

I close my eyes and try to sense the world only by ears.
The echo just getting underway as words, reverberating throughout the deep forest.
The breathing of waves, not yet given positive meanings, breaking over an atoll.
Here is nobody..., except myself.

Suddenly I feel the quickened beat of heart rhythm.
From my arms to the hands, forceful signals are being transmitted.
Fingers are touching cool keyboards and bouncing along.


Give rhythm to the sounds scooped up,
Hooking yet-unnamed, unknown sound up, strike keys.
Strike softly! Strike arioso! Strike like talking!

These are voices, sounds, words, once escaped from someone's mouth...
This is the rhythm once has been deposited in my body as stratum...
Strike strongly! Strike like shouting! Strike slowly like smiling!


I am...not alone.
The sounds of steel wires stricken by felt covered hammer are amplified
in the dark stained box and become everybody's thing.

I am going to ...disappear.
Not disappear, but being absorbed into faraway atmosphere.
Like an athlete or a wire dancer pursuing endless goal.

All alone.                                       
Kaname Kawachi